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Dave's True Story

Unauthorized (Chesky), the third album by Dave's True Story, is lounge in the truest sense of the word: music that evokes a mood, adding to the surrounding ambiance without dominating the senses. It enhances the environment while at the same time blending seamlessly, the way spices do when properly used in cooking.

Or course, this isn't to say that the music is not engaging. Dave's True Story do what they do very well. Singer Kelly Flint—who draws inspiration from the likes of Keely Smith and LuLu—has a light, smooth voice the seduces the listener, gliding through the cheerful melodies penned by her partner, Dave Cantor. The horn work on songs like "Dear Miss Lucy" and "Baby Who Are You?" is prominent but never overpowers, and the playful strum of the guitar sounds almost like a ukulele, evoking thoughts of hula girls and palm fronds blowing in the breeze. What's more, Cantor has not only mastered the art or writing exceptional lounge tunes, but also offers up delightfully clever lyrics. A personal favorite is "Won Gon Ju," in which Flint croons, "Won Gon Ju came by way of Singapore to old New York/He dines on matzoh balls and moo shu pork/He eats his dumplings with a knife and fork. Won Gon Ju, he likes the derma and the wonton too/I doubt there's ever been a Don Juan who/could break a women's heart like Won Gon Ju."

Most of the 13 original tracks are smooth and slow, though there are a few slightly uptempo numbers. As a whole, Unauthorized is to the ears what a good martini is to the palate. But because lounge is inherently about creating a comfortable retro mood, you won't find any particularly danceable cuts or songs that make you want to sing along. It's the easiest kind of east listening. What you will find are melodies that make your Manhattan taste sweeter, and lyrics that ass just the right bitter edge.

Visit the band online at

–Joanne O'Day

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