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Big-T & the Bada-Bings


Timeless Designs Featured at ATOMIC Fashion Brunch


Proving once again that true style never goes out of fashion, ATOMIC Magazine hosted a "Fashion Brunch" at Marion's Continental Restaurant and Lounge in New York City on Sunday, January 14, 2001. During each of the two seatings, guests were treated to an 18-minute fashion show featuring clothing from contemporary designers inspired by the1940s, '50s and '60s, including Christina Kara (Blue), Niki Schwan (Lura Starr), Mark Montano, and Santiago Bandres. Six sultry models sashayed their way between the dining tables to a retro-themed soundtrack that included songs by Etta James, Quincy Jones and Wayne Newton. As a special treat, the World Famous Pontani Sisters put in a guest appearance, doing two dance numbers while wearing fashions by Lina Tsai and Built By Wendy. ATOMIC's Creative Director, Jeff Griffith, also put in a surprise showing, returning a day early from a business trip to attend the event. Following both shows, ATOMIC Editor Leslie Rosenberg and the show's stylist and producer Loulou Piscatore joined all the models out on the floor to thank the guests and the staff of Marion's for their applause and hospitality.

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