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Big-T & the Bada-Bings



Trying to squeeze in some last minute holiday shopping? ATOMIC has a few suggestions to make this a very retro season of giving. And if you're too late to stick these goodies under the tree, why not pick up a few presents for yourself as a new year's treat?

Delicious, 365 Days a Year
Gourmet chocolatiere Maribel Chocolates has created a gorgeous line of pin-up calendar chocolate bars, just in time for the holidays! Each bar weighs 100 grams and retails for $15, plus shipping if applicable. A set of 12 bars, one for each calendar month, is $180, and includes a stand to prop the bars on, as well as a decorative box for storage. Purchase these at Maribel’s New York City location, or order by phone toll-free at (866) 925-8800.

Thank You, Ahh, Thank You Very Much
click hereFans of the King will swoon at the new Elvis memorabilia box set from Chronicle Books. From Presley’s third grade report card to rare fan club mementos, the collection contains 14 reproductions of genuine Elvis artifacts chronicling his spectacular life, from his childhood and early recording career, through his army service, films in the Sixties, and dramatic concert performances in the Seventies, at the end of a career cut short by tragedy. As this velvet-lined box set proves, fat or thin, swiveling pelvis or rhinestone-covered jumpsuit, Elvis Presley will always be The King of Rock-and-Roll.

click here to order

Holiday for the Holidays
click hereSixty years after Billie Holiday’s recording of her signature tune “God Bless the Child,” Columbia Records has released an astonishing collection of her most notable recordings leading her own band or performing with orchestras led by Benny Goodman, Teddy Wilson, Count Basie, Eddie Heywood and Duke Ellington, among other greats. Lady Day: The Complete Billie Holiday on Columbia (1933-1944) a lavishly designed 230-song, 10-CD boxed set, pays homage to her first phase a recording artist, the period when her legend was forever engraved in stone.

click here to order

Purses With Attitude!
click hereDo you love to vamp it up, but hate the cat calls and wolf whistles that inevitably ensue as you pass by? The new Queen Clutch and Total Bitch Bag from will help keep heathens in their place while you saunter past with style. For something to put in your new clutch, there’s the aqua-colored Wash Away Your Sins Change Purse, specifically designed to take up a “collection for redemption.” Spend your way to a cleaner conscience!

click here to order

A Healthy Dose of Holiday Cheer
click, the world’s first “Comedy Service Provider,” has released a dozen new comedy CDs guaranteed to add a little ha-ha-ha to your ho-ho-ho. The series includes performances by comedy legends like Milton Berle, Red Buttons, Bill Dana (as “Jose Jimenez”), Woody Allen, and many more.’s new Comedians On Comedy compilations also represent some of the funniest people of the 20th century talking about how they make people laugh, including segments by Jerry Lewis, Phyllis Diller, Bob Hope, Shelley Berman, Jack Benny and George Burns. Look for the comedy series at major record stores or visit
We Got the Beat
Looking for some cool flicks to watch over the winter holidays? Check out the incredible selection at, specialists in ’50s and ’60s videos! From juvenile delinquents to surfers, hotrods to pinups, these cats have everything you need for the ultimate rock-and-roll filmfest. New titles include Calypso Heat Wave (1957), Get Smart—The Groovy Guru (1968), Girls in Prison (1956), Speed Crazy (1959), Bobby Rydell’s 1962 television pilot Swingin’ Together, and the 1968 CBS documentary The Hippie Temptation. Crazy, daddy-o!

Pop Culture Lovers Unite
click hereFans of 20th century entertainment will thrill at two new book titles this holiday season. In Rolling Stone: The Decades of Rock & Roll, Rolling Stone magazine and Chronicle Books join forces to deliver the first five decades of rock like never before. Stars like Little Richard, Bob Dylan and Robert Plant are revealed in incredible interviews. Paul McCartney gives his top ten songs of the ’60s, as does Moby for the ’90s. Black-and-white photos capture Otis Redding on his knees, screaming into the microphone, or Donna Summer wreathed in ’70s glitz. The Decades of Rock & Roll gives fans of all ages the lowdown on the way it was, and the way it is today.

click hereCapturing a broader spectrum of the entertainment industry is 10,000 Answers: The Ultimate Trivia Encyclopedia (Random House). The book is both a portal to the world of little-known facts and an absorbing destination itself. Unlike other trivia books, it’s organized by answer, and the full category index helps you find subjects quickly. Perfect for nostalgia buffs, this trivia tome is also entertaining and accessible for any lover of odd, interesting, engaging facts.

Have a Hotrod Hannukah!
click hereWhere do you find just the right dashboard hula girl or tumblin’ dice T-shirt for the Fifties fanatic in your life? Thanks to the technological wonders of the Internet, home delivery is just a few keystrokes away. Check out for limited edition ceramic tiki mugs, and try for other tiki paraphernalia. Need the right retro threads? Visit our German greaser friends at!



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