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Big-T & the Bada-Bings


WWII Comes To Life at Reading Airfield
By Leslie Rosenberg

For three days this Spring, Reading, Pennsylvania, will travel back in time, to an era when Glenn Miller ruled the airwaves, men tipped their fedoras at passers by, and stars like Spencer Tracey and Katherine Hepburn graced the silver screen. The annual transformation is a result of the Mid Atlantic Air Museum World War II Weekend Airshow and Living History Airfield, scheduled this year for June 8-10. The mammoth gathering attracts thousands of visitors from around the globe and features living history reenactors; vintage WWII aircraft, vehicles and artifacts; skirmishes and battles at the recreated airfield; a big band gala dance; victory gardens at the Home Front; a huge militaria collectibles flea market; and most important of all, the story of the world’s greatest conflict, told by those who were there.

Image Courtesy of
Mid-Atlantic Air Museum
Guests at this year’s event include a special "Black Sheep" fighter squadron gathering, featuring VMF-214 pilots Warner Chapman and Allan McCartney, who will be joined by aviation historian and author Bruce Gamble. Another USMC special guest is Thomas Begay, who will share the story of his fellow USMC Navajo Code Talkers. Colonel Robert Morgan will be autographing his newly released autobiography, The Man Who Flew the MEMPHIS-BELLE. Also appearing are Dutch Van Kirk and Don Albury, veterans of the Nagasaki and Hiroshima atomic bomb missions. In addition, Ethel Finley, F.G. "Shutsy" Reynolds, Scotty Gough, and other members of the Women’s Airforce Service Pilots will be in attendance.

Visitors to the WWII Reenactment weekend can also take a ride on the "Yankee Lady," a classic B-17 still in sound condition. At $400 a trip, the cost is a bit steep, but where else can you personally fly through history? Joining "Yankee Lady" for the show will be two more B-17s: the National Warplane Museum’s "Fuddy Duddy" and Aircraft Restoration Corporation’s "Memphis Belle."

Image Courtesy of
Mid-Atlantic Air Museum
To find out more about this year’s event, including ticket prices, nearby accommodations, directions, and schedule information, visit the Mid-Atlantic Air Museum online at And if you’re planning to attend the reenactment, be sure to stop by the ATOMIC booth in the hangar and introduce yourself to our team!

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