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Big-T & the Bada-Bings


Big Kahuna & The Copa Cat Pack
Hawaiian Swing

When John Noble wrote the song "Hawaiian War Chant" in 1929, he unintentionally laid the foundation for America's love affair with the luau. Tommy Dorsey covered it as a fast swing number in '39, and now, some 60 years later, Matt Catingub, a.k.a. Big Kahuna, has brought swing back to the Tiki party. Hawaiian Swing, Big Kahuna & The Copa Cat Pack's debut album, is one of the best modern swing recordings to hit store shelves in years.

Catingub began his career in 1979 when, at the age of 17, he played the Monterey Jazz Festival and was noticed by the great Dizzy Gillespie. Over the next few years, Catingub honed his arranging and alto sax skills under the direction of legendary jazz and big band artists Thad jones (alto sax), Mel Lewis (drums) and band leader Louie Bellson (drums). Today, at age 38, Catingub is the conductor and arranger for the Honolulu Symphony Pops Orchestra by day and the self-professed Big Kahuna of Swing by night.


Hear Samples of
Hawaiian Swing

Come On-a-My House
A-Tisket A-Tasket
Pearly Shells
Don't Be That Way/
Stompin' at the Savoy

(Requires Windows Media)

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With Hawaiian Swing, Catingub exhibits that he was a straight-A student. "Come On-a-My House," the opening number, jumps out of the speakers and lures you straight to the dance floor. Then, without a moment's rest, the Copa Cat Pack launch into a strong horn laden version of "A-Tisket A-Tasket." With 17 truly great tracks to choose from, it's hard to pick the standouts, but I especially enjoyed "Don't Be That Way/Stopmin' at the Savoy" in which Catingub has a duet with vocalist Linda Harmon. "The Hukilau Song" is also a great dance number with campy lyrics about a fun day spent fishing. (Hulilau refers to the Hawaiian tradition of fishing by scaring the seafood into big nets.) Beginning to end, Hawaiian Swing is a milestone album that you'll be hearing in swing clubs for years to come.

-Smilin' Buddha Joe

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