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Big-T & the Bada-Bings


Bags and More Bags

Dear Dottie,
I like to carry a LOT of bags, but when I go out my family is so embarrassed for me, and my arms really ache at the end of the day. I feel soooo odd. What do you suggest?

Mrs. Cecil Kamago
234 High Street
Chicago 18, Illinois

Dear Mrs. Cecil,

My dear, do not feel odd at all— a LOT of us tend to Pack a lot of Purse— I carry at least 40 everywhere I go, and I never give it a second thought. Next time bring the kids along, and let them assist-you'll find they LOVE to help Mommy! Cecil could probably use some exercise too, should the kids be off in school and YOU want to shop...

Photo ©Paul Wilson
Just a hint: the newer vinyls are loads lighter and come in gay colors too-try using the new Theodor of California bags and mix 'n' match your colors!

Have fun,


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