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Big-T & the Bada-Bings


Dottie's Grand Holiday

Dear Dottie,

Another Hallowe'en has come and gone, and again I was at a loss. I was hostessing a party, as we do every year, and costume-wise I wanted to play it BIG, yet still be able to attend to my guests and the Toasted Cheese and Rye Roulettes in the oven. So this year I dressed as a Giant Jack-o-Lantern, but my vision became so impaired and I got so warm I fainted into the Spinach-and-Licorice Peek-a-Boos and embarrassed everybody! Now I am left with a whole year to try and come up with something grand yet non-debilitating for next October!! Any thoughts?

Mrs. Dora-Jean Rayner
226 Claridge St.
Ohio 1, KL

Dear Dora,

I say, if you wanna play it big, play it BIG!!

Photo ©Paul Wilson
This year I just found me one of those radioactive clouds (NOT the kind that make you LITTLE, but the other kind), drove through it a few days before the Eve of All Hallows, and by the night of the party I was big enough to host the whole TOWN.  It even made the papers, and was quite a sensation, and I didn't have to wear ANY kind of troublesome costume.  Of course, I knocked down city hall and wiped out a couple of high-rises, but no block-party is without its faults!

Luck & Kisses,


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