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Big-T & the Bada-Bings


Dottie Spices Up The Kitchen!

Dear Dottie,

After thirteen years of marriage, my husband has decided he no longer likes my cooking! I try to make his favorite things but they just sit there. He makes excuses about having to run to the store, and when he returns, he says he’s no longer hungry. I think I know the truth! I suspect he is eating at the local drive thru. What should I do?

Buried in Leftovers
Burbank, CA

Photo ©Paul Wilson
Dear Buried:

Thirteen-Year Itch will kill Dining Room Anticipation, that is a certainty these days. But do not fret—Dottie knows: It’s ALL in the presentation.

What you need are Fanciful Appetizers to make him forget those cheap waitresses at the Drive-In, sit up, and take notice! Serve only the Freshest Wholesome Fruits as a Pre-Dinner Alternative—I love the new canned items—then, don your most Fetchin’ Frock, and…Well, it’s ALL in the presentation.

Here’s a suggestion for a Gay Fruit Cocktail!



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