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Big-T & the Bada-Bings


Dottie- Now You're Cookin'

Dear Dottie,

I just want to start by saying how much I enjoy reading your collumn each and every week in the New York Sunday Times. My question is this: I hosted a dinner party a few nights ago and served my "Grampa's Famous" meatloaf to my guests. I was unhappy to learn that a few of my 'friends' did not respond well to the hard boiled eggs and carrot sticks I always suspend in the center of the loaf. Are they crazy or has this cooking technique just plain, gone out-of-style? I have made meatloaf this way for years! Should I swallow my pride and change my dinner menu to a more contemporary fare, or stick with my guns? Perhaps I should try different fruits or vegetables in my meatloaf. What would you do Dottie?

Meatless and Broken Hearted
Brooklyn, New York

Dear Meatless,

Tell me, Hon, do you like to look at television?

Photo ©Paul Wilson
The reason Dottie asks is because of some FANTASTIC new advances in the Flash-Freezing of Foods at the Peak of their Freshness. This even includes PRE-COOKED foods! They are marketed by some companies as "TV Dinners" (they even have a picture of a Television RIGHT on the BOX!), and personally, I think they’re FAB. They have a Meatloaf Entree, which you see me displaying proudly here. I am SURE it beats "Grampa’s Famous" by yards! I mean, My Stars, carrot sticks and hard boiled egg chips are just a wee-tad too three-dimensional, even in the heartiest meatloaf, and if not thoroughly heated, they can cause Gut Gas.

At any rate, I would suggest either a Mock-Meatloaf using the newer Snack-Cracker-and-Chutney recipes featured on the backs of certain cracker tins, or just go the Modern Fresh-Frozen Way! Not only is it a Splendid and Easy Taste Alternative, it encourages Family Activity in front of the Television, so it’s a great deal all around!!




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