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Big-T & the Bada-Bings


Dottie Takes on a Tough Stain

Dearest Dottie,

I don’t know where to turn! I consider myself lucky enough to be blessed with a thoroughly modern kitchen, but one thing eludes me, no matter what I try, and that’s a perfectly white kitchen sink! A girl can scrub and scrub for hours, with all the latest in cleaning products, and still not get that one grease stain out! It mocks me, and what’s worse, my friends have started to notice. (As if you could miss it!) Oh, Dottie, please tell me your cure for the spot that won't die! Everyone knows you have the nicest, cleanest kitchen! What’s your secret?

Yours truly,

Dishworn and Disheartened
Bakersfield, CA

Dear Dish,

Photo ©Paul Wilson
While on the subject of secrets, especially Spots that Won’t Die, I am obliged to share one of my deepest, DARKEST secrets:  I have one too! 
I have scrubbed till my face matched my bag, and I suspect the offending stain is partly due to a naughty drip that Dickie hasn’t gotten around to fixing. So, here is MY “solvent”—in the form of a Big Smashed Bug! Yes, if you can’t hide it, you might as well show it off. Using a contemporary product called Hot Glue, I attached a Novelty Shop Cockroach to the unsightly area, and what an attention getter it IS!  As you can see, it looks as if the creature was smushed in the sink and abandoned there, so the stain merely resembles Roach Insides, permanently running down the inside of the sink! A real charmer, this has moved many of those stifling kitchen-gatherings that so often occur at dinner parties back into the dining room where they belong.

Photo ©Paul Wilson
The glue keeps it in place, and just adds to the gore. Not ALL households are perfect, not even Dottie’s. (Although it comes close!)

Roaches can be purchased at any local novelty shop. As far as this Hot Glue item and the accompanying gun-like applicator, it is a relatively new Miracle Product, so these might be a little harder to find. Good luck at any rate!




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