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Big-T & the Bada-Bings


Choosing The Right Centerpiece

Dear Dottie,

My neighbor lady friend Hildi always has the most amazing dinner parties
topped off with a sensational centerpiece. Ohhhhh, how I envy her centerpieces. Every single party with a new centerpiece. Some made of fruit, some of candy, some are just an amazing assortment of Hostess snacks. Quite frankly, it makes me cry. Here I am supposed to be a supportive girl friend enjoying myself at the neighborhood functions and I’m "blubbering like a little girl" (that's what my husband Jonah says anyway). Help me, Dottie. 
Make me whole again.

Not fully Centered
Appleton, Wisc.

Photo © Paul Wilson
Dear Not Fully:

Have you a family pet, Angel?

We use the Cat, almost every night, as our family centerpiece, party or not! 

Not only is a Feline Centerpiece kinetic (frisky, even!), but the kids love it, as you can see here, and afterwards we can always count on him to clean up table-scraps.

I wouldn't suggest using the family dog—cats are much more independent, as we all know, and prone to varying their entertaining activity from night to night, especially when they know they are the literal "center" of attention. 
So give it a go—they are especially a hit at parties. Just don’t serve anything tuna-based.



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