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Big-T & the Bada-Bings


Dial 'D' For Dottie

Dear Dottie,

What is going on? I have recently purchased one of those beautiful new 'Princess' telephones, in PINK of course! It seems that every establishment I call requires me to "press" or "push" buttons on my telephone, including one they call a "pound sign". Now, my dial lights up when I pick up my Pink Princess Phone receiver, but my goodness sakes, I have no idea what they are trying to instruct me to do.

Perhaps it is as simple as my calling the wrong establishments. Maybe I need to be more selective of the type of business I am calling. Really, why patronize such a rude and demanding vendor? At any rate, Dearest Dottie, I just knew I could turn to you for some domestic Goddess guidance! The fact remains, that although I get little or none of my household duties completed over the telephone, I look adorable in my 'Carrie Walker' polka-dot dress with my matching pink pumps, and the pink rhinestone Weiss brooch and earring set, with my charming homemade hostess apron on. So, I suppose it matters not, chatting the day away with Francine and Margie, never requires me to "press pound"!

Yours truly, as ever,

Photos © Paul Wilson

Dear Pinky,

Honey, the only "pound signs" Dottie cares about are those on the bathroom scale, even with MY Weiss brooch and earring sets OFF!

As far as establishments that require you to "press" or "push" things, well, Angel, Dear Dottie just does not understand! Certainly, the number of letters we have to dial has increased—heck, I remember two years ago when we were Fairvale 341; now it's KLondyke 5-1234. More letters and numbers to DIAL (not..."push"...).

However, the new technologies HAVE allowed us gals the luxury of "Portable Telephones" now—as you can see, I am holding one in Photo Two. Miracles they are! Just miracles—so much more compact, lightweight, in darling colors, and the cord reaches a whole 12 feet!!! Compare to the clunkier model of yesteryear on the left.

The Future is HERE, my dear, embrace it, and stay in the pink!

Kisses, Dottie



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