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Big-T & the Bada-Bings


Dottie Cleans House

Dear Dottie,

The other day I was trying to bag our groceries while wearing one of my big skirts. It wasn't working very well. Should I move to a state where the stores bag the groceries for the customer?


Tiny Miss Cindy

Dear Tiny Miss,

Well, first off I'd give Big Mister the shopping list and tell HIM to do it all, or at least get him to do the bagging. 

Photo ©Paul Wilson

As far as Big Skirts, they are all the rage today—and they don't call certain housedresses "Dusters" for nothing! I LOVE to wear mine around the house (with about 9 or 10 good stiff crinolines underneath) and just sort of prance about, and in minutes the place is clean! I place all finer breakables up high, where my skirts can't reach.

Here I am clearing away messy left-over cocktail food—one swish o' my skirts and it’s done!




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